From Daily Mail:

A group of around 30 protesters have begun a march they’re calling the Protest for Bread. The march starts in Yemen’s capital Sana’a and will end in the port city Hodeidah on the Red Sea coast, making it a total of 140 miles long and expected to take 5 or 6 days. People are marching for ending the siege on Hodeidah to allow in all humanitarian aid and are calling for an investigation into war crimes.

“We are organising this march so as not to be deprived of our means of survival, and to prevent the capture of Hodeida port” by pro-government forces, protestor Mahioub Hussam told AFP.

Those not marching saw off the protesters outside the United Nations headquarters in Sana’a.

Hodeidah is currently under control of the Houthi rebels and is the main entry for humanitarian aid.

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Yemenis take part in a ‘protest for bread’ march from the capital Sanaa to the coastal town of Hodeida on April 19, 2017 outside the UN office in Sanaa demanding an end to the war that left millions of displaced and the danger of famine.