Daily Prompt: Fry

When your country is invaded by a swarm of desert locusts, what’s one thing you can do with them? Fry them.

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Vendors sell fried grasshoppers on July 23, 2014 in Sana, Yemen. Grasshoppers invade in Sana, become a opportunity for Yemeni farmers to make profit. Farmers sell fried grasshoppers to Yemenis who believe locusts cure many health problems.

In June of 2014, according to Relief Web Yemen’s Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation was preparing for an arrival of a swarm of locusts from their northern neighbor Saudi Arabia.

“The ministry has monitored swarms of locusts coming from Saudi Arabia in Sa’ada, Marib and Al-Jawf. They have arrived in Yemen due to the north-easterly wind. They spread in different areas including Sana’a,” Dr. Mohammed Yahia Al-Ghashm, deputy head of Agricultural Services at the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, told the state-run September 26 news website.

And did you know that according to Jewish food guidelines, some grasshoppers might be kosher? There are four kinds considered kosher, which you can determine by looking at their size, color, and other features. The tradition of frying them dates back to the Jews in Yemen, where the desert locusts are one of the varieties deemed kosher. Though some question whether these grasshoppers are properly identified, so proceed with caution before frying them.

Also, they’re a great source of protein. Over 60%!

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A Yemeni shows a fried grasshopper on July 23, 2014 in Sana, Yemen.

So who’s ready for a snack?