“I decided to spread my message again to the world, the message of my life and the life of other millions of children. The message of how we suffer and how we die because of this terrible pointless war.

I don’t believe my mom and dad’s promises anymore that this nightmare is going to be over. I don’t know how many children died or became orphans or even became special needs because of this terrible war.

I’m not allowed to watch this news, but I hear explosions everyday. I know people died when the fighter jets come around for minutes. For me, it seems like hours. My dad tries to calm me down by saying, ‘There are no near military targets.’ But a couple of days ago, a school was bombed and many children died. Since when did the school become a military target?

I’m still alive, but I don’t dream anymore. I used to dream of being a doctor, an engineer, a prime minister as my dad wants me to be. But now my dream is never to see my mom or dad or brother dead. This long pointless war is killing us. Most importantly, it’s killing our hopes. That means it’s killing us from inside and outside. We don’t play anymore and if we play, we don’t laugh. Life is a disaster nowadays.

I wanna say to Mr. Trump – please do something to stop this war. Mr. Obama supported the facilities to kill us only to get money. But you? I heard you say, Mr. Trump, that you don’t like what Mr. Obama did. Then prove it and stop this war.

I hear the adults say that there is a profit in this war taking a long time, but what profit can we take from us being killed, from us dying, from us suffering everyday? I want to say to all these people that aren’t going to watch this video – please do something to stop this war. And you, Mr. Trump, if you didn’t hear this video, maybe one of your children will and tell you about my wish for this war to stop.

I’m sure two years are enough. Stop war against Yemen.