From Sprudge:

A trio of Yemeni coffee from the company Port of Mokha is available for pre-order on their website.

This tasting box marks the launch of a new facet for the company, and provides direct access to the coffees of Yemen to curious American consumers. This is a country in crisis, and the situation remains much the same as when Alkhanshali fled by boat with his first Port of Mokha crop.

They are PRICEY! But if you’re a coffee fan, then this might be for you. You can order the whole trio or two types of coffee separately. Orders will ship in July.

Now before scrolling down for the offerings, remember that this coffee is extremely hard to get and that there’s currently a war going on in Yemen. Moving right along~~~


The Yemen Trilogy $158 for three 4oz boxes.

Welcome to the world’s oldest land to cultivate coffee, Yemen. The ancient Udaini varietal is cultivated here and is understood to be the grandfather of 90% of the world’s coffee. Coffee here is grown at a staggering 2150-2500MASL, making it one of the highest grown coffees in the world and most vibrant. The beautiful people of Yemen are know for their generosity and hospitality and have produced a labor of love that is an unforgettable experience to the last sip. Take a journey to the world’s most exquisite coffee with the Port of Mokha Yemen Trilogy box. No visa required.

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If you’re interested, get your orders in now because quantities are limited!