From Gulf News:

A shipment of landmines accidentally exploded in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden killing 7 and injuring another 15. Aden is under the control of the internationally recognized ousted President Hadi government. At the start of the conflict in 2015, the president had fled there from the capital before fleeing again to Egypt. This landmine explosion occurred while the mines were being unloaded at the Jabal Hadid military camp.

Yesterday in other landmine news, Human Rights Watch accused the Houthi rebels of committing war crimes by using internationally banned landmines.

Back in March 2015, explosions at the Jabal Hadid military camp killed 15 people and had been taken by Houthi forces. Saudi Arabia’s military intervention was expected to last only one month and at most 5 or 6. Recently, the war entered its third year of fighting.

In July 2015, pro-Hadi forces had retaken Aden and the military camp.