I found a pretty serious accusation on Twitter that the United Arab Emirates is smuggling rare birds and plants from the Socotra islands.

I Googled searched news about it and found nothing in English, but I did find a story about it in Arabic from Bawabatii.  According to this source, rare trees, precious stones, and mineral rich soil have been smuggled from Socotra in closed containers. There is also apparently a deal with the UAE for Socotra development project, though details about this deal have remained a secret.

In another Arabic source maeennews.net, it also talks about smuggling by the UAE and that the Saudi-led coalition (or Saudi-American aggression, as they call it) through the UAE is a danger to Socotra’s environment. A Yemeni official is calling on people to protect Socotra from looting and destruction by the UAE. Socotra is a Yemeni treasure.

I’ll continue researching this story but if anyone has more sources, please let me know! Preferably English, French, or German. I prefer to read a news story on my own rather than depending on dictionaries and translators.

Embed from Getty Images

Desert Rose (Adenium obesum sokotranum) in bloom at Diksam Plateau, Socotra Island, Yemen

لتهريب / litahrib / smuggle
شجرة / shajara / tree
الإمارات العربية المتحدة / al’imarat alearabiat almuttahida / UAE