What does it mean when your blog is not only linked to on Reddit, but on Reddit CONSPIRACIES? I never intended this to be a conspiracy blog and I’m not even entirely sure what the conspiracy is. I guess they were looking for Socotra travel info? That leads me to my top 10 most viewed posts in April. Of course, the one linked to on Reddit makes #1.

#1 Visiting Socotra: “It’s not impossible, merely unpossible.” – A man who had the goal to visit every country in the world did it and recently completed the nearly impossible journey to Yemen’s Socotra island. Tour groups are having difficulties traveling there, not surprisingly because of the war.

#2 UAE begins flights to Yemen’s Socotra Island: Report – Weeellllll that nearly impossible journey to Socotra maybe got a little bit easier because now an airline based in Abu Dhabi is offering flights two times a week.

#3 Egg thrown at Saudi general in protest against military campaign in Yemen – What the title says. A Saudi general was visiting the UK and a protester threw an egg at him.

#4 Mocha Coffee, Tokyo – A lovely little cafe in Japan that sells Yemeni coffee. Check it out!

#5 Video: Guess my country in 100 seconds – BBC Stories – Yemen in 100 seconds. Can you guess what the video is about? Hopefully YES, since this is a Yemen blog.

#6 Video & Photos: Protest Today in Sana’a – Another day, another protest in Yemen’s capital against the Saudi-led bombing.

#7 Hunger Strike & Rallies to End US Support of War in Yemen – Protests and rallies taking place recently in the US to end our support of the war in Yemen.

#8 The most unique football final in Yemen – WordPress daily prompt for pause. Even when your country is facing a crisis, there is time for sports.

#9 A Passport Tale – WordPress daily prompt for passport. This is about the history of Yemen’s passports! Interesting stuff.

#10 To Fry or Not To Fry a Grasshopper, That Is the Question – WordPress daily prompt for fry. I was going to use the prompt to write about a delicious food, but it morphed into grasshoppers.

Embed from Getty Images

Yemeni men hold a banner during a ‘protest for bread’ march from the capital Sanaa to the coastal town of Hodeida on April 19, 2017, demanding an end to the war that left millions of displaced and the danger of famine.