I was started my daily Yemen news rounds when Google searching today brought up a lot of Tweets about Trump, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. So I have compiled a list here of my findings and have noted who the Tweets belong to. There are a TON more of Tweets on the subject, but I went with Tweets from the politician/journalist/humanitarian types because these are people more familiar with the situation and should know what they’re talking about.

Then again, the US president should know what he’s talking about and apparently does not. Alas, this is where we are.

Please note: The Obama administration also deserves criticism for their support of Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, but Obama did not recently make a speech in Saudi Arabia or sign an arms deal. Our new president did. Let’s focus on what this means. This post is for CURRENT NEWS.

Moving along.

US Senator from Connecticut, Christ Murphy:

Executive Director for Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth:

No, sir, we do not want to profit off of bombing civilians. At least I do not.

Staff Writer at MIC, Sarah Amy Harvard:

Editor at Think Progress, Adrienne Mahsa:

Senior Crisis Response Adviser for Amnesty International, Donatella Rovera:

Middle East Correspondent for The Telegraph, Raf Sanchez:

Public Radio’s The World, Stephen Snyder:

Policy Analyst, Sean McElwee:

Yemen & Kuwait Researcher, Kristine Beckerle:

Yemen still protests: