From New York Times:

Members of Navy SEALS Team 6 were injured in a raid in Yemen. 7 militants were killed. It has also been reported that 5 civilians were killed. This was the first acknowledged ground raid in Yemen since the failed one in January.

From CBS:

The raid took place in central Marib province where the SEALS clashed with Al Qaeda militants. 2 soldiers suffered injuries to their arms and were flown to Djibouti. Officials initially stated that the raid was to collect Al Qaeda intelligence such as laptops and cellphones, but later said it was to “disrupt AQAP operations”.

Tribal members said Tuesday that explosions were heard in the al-Sirim area in Marib, followed by helicopters and gunfire. The officials say there was also bombing in nearby Bayda province.

CBS news was told by a US defense official that there will be more of these raids.

From Reprieve (human rights organization) press release:

None of the 5 civilians killed were fighting with Al Qaeda and one was a partially blind 70 year old man when he tried to great the SEALS. 6 other villagers were also inured.

Kate Higham, Head of the Assassinations Programme at Reprieve said:

“This new flawed raid by President Trump shows the US is not capable of distinguishing a terrorist from an innocent civilian. When even a 70-year-old is shot dead, it is clear these attacks are not targeted or precise. President Trump must order an immediate investigation into what went wrong and halt all raids and drone strikes before more innocent Yeminis are killed.”