Senator Chris Murphy (democrat from Connecticut) and Senator Rand Paul (Republican from Kentucky) are introducing a resolution to stop a portion of the arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

If you support their resolution and want to see an end to sale of weapons used by Saudi Arabia in their war with Yemen that are targeting civilians, then it’s time to call your senators. If Chris Murphy or Rand Paul are one of your senators, then lucky you. No calling for you!

According to The Hill, a vote can be forced on this in early June.

Under the Arms Export Control Act, he can bring the measure up on the Senate floor after 10 calendar days, but the Senate is leaving town on Friday for a week-long Memorial Day break.

Here is Rand Paul discussing the arms sale on Fox Business with Neil Cavuto. I’ve quoted part of it just before the video link.

Cavuto wonders if Saudi Arabia might use the weapons to go after ISIS, but Sen. Paul is all NOPE. Because emails. Hillary’s emails used for good here?

“My concern is what will the Saudis do with the weapons. For example we know from Hillary Clinton’s emails she was concerned that the Saudis were giving financial assistance and arms to ISIS and to other radical Islamic groups in Syria and around the world.

We know from Bob Graham’s investigation of 9/11 that there are many who imply and believe that Saudi Arabia might’ve had something to do with 9/11.

We know that Saudi Arabia is currently involved in a war in a neighboring country in Yemen in which tens of thousands of civilians are dying and there’s a humanitarian crisis created by this war. So I’m concerned what would Saudi Arabia do with these weapons? And I think these weapons in a way belong to the American public because American tax dollars go to developing these weapons for our defense.

We shouldn’t sell weapons to countries who I think may well do more harm than good with those weapons.”