The Senate was supposed to vote today on S.J. Res. 42 to block a portion of the US arms sale to Saudi Arabia.

This is a joint resolution, meaning the House has an identical resolution – H.J. Res. 102. If passed by both the House and Senate, it goes to the president to be signed.

From US News & World Report “Block This Arms Sale”:

Under bipartisan resolutions recently introduced, the Senate and the House have an opportunity to block the sale to Saudi Arabia of precision-guided munitions, which otherwise likely would be used to attack targets in Yemen, including perhaps Hodeida port. Saudi Arabia has disregarded earlier U.S. efforts to minimize civilian casualties in its bombing campaign in Yemen, and has repeatedly used these so-called “smart bombs” to hit civilian targets. In March, Senators from both parties called for increased humanitarian access through Hodeida, to help alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Failing to block this arms sale now will lead only to continued conflict in Yemen, bolstering America’s adversaries and risking the lives of millions of Yemenis. Instead, by postponing this munitions sale to Saudi Arabia until a ceasefire can be reached and political negotiations jump-started, Congress could again demonstrate that U.S. leadership on humanitarian crises is a matter of bipartisan agreement.

For Americans reading this, below are some Tweets with information on how you can contact your senators. You CAN make a difference! The vote in the Senate will now take place next week.