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The One-pip Policeman, part of the Giant Skipper butterfly family and Coeliades Anchises Jucunda subspecies, was observed over an 11 day period by a wildlife expert.

In the United Arab Emirates, these butterflies can be found in the Wadi Tarabat valley on the eastern side of Jebel Hafeet Mountain. They can also be found on the Musandam Peninsula in Oman and Yemen’s Socotra.

As a caterpillar, it almost resembles a candy cane with its red and white stripes. Once emerging from its cocoon, the butterfly has an orange body and brown wings.

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Cycling: 2nd Abu Dhabi Tour 2016 / Stage 3 Peloton / Landscape / Jebel Hafeet / Mountains / Al Ain-Qasr Al Muwaiji – Jebel Hafeet 1025m (150km)/ The Strata Stage / Ride To Abu Dhabi

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OMAN – CIRCA 2003: Village of Khumzar in Musandam peninsula – The Sultan of Oman is called the guardians of the straits of Hormuz. (Photo by Yves GELLIE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Far away in Socotra, a small island where one-third of plant life is found nowhere else on earth, the same butterflies are found hatching on Acridocarpus Orientalis. One Omani botanist believes that the shrub is divided into two subspecies, one of which provides the habitat for the One-Pip Policeman.

Known in the UAE as ‘Qafaf’ or ‘Qafa,’ the small, hairy-stemmed shrub, on which blossom yellow flowers, is only found in one small part of the Wadi Tarafat — a rare habitat for a rare subspecies.

Acridocarpus orientalis

In order to protect this species of butterfly, the shrubs that are their habitats in the UAE and Socotra must be protected as well.

It’s 42 minutes long, but this video will take you on a journey to Musandam Peninusla without having to fly there.