Daily Prompt: Illusion

Is this an illusion of helping?

Don’t mind the blockade or destroyed hospitals! Here’s a lot of money… good guys now, right?

From VICE News:

Saudi Arabia has announced that they will donate $66.5 million to UNICEF, WHO, and other organizations to help fight Yemen’s cholera outbreak.

Though both warring parties share in the blame, the Saudi-led coalition’s airstrikes have contributed to a “disproportionate amount” of civilian casualties. Coalition strikes have also destroyed critical civilian infrastructure, like medical facilities, schools and markets.

Most detrimental, however, has been the Saudi-led coalition’s ongoing blockades on critical port cities and airports.

The naval blockade on the Hodeidah port as well as the closure of the capital airport in Sanaa has severely restricted the flow of medical supplies, fuel, and the ability for sick or injured people to be flown out for treatment, according to a report by Save the Children. Before the war, 90 percent of supplies came through the Hodeidah port in western Yemen. But Saudi-led coalition airstrikes all but destroyed the port in February, badly slowing down deliveries into the country, including vital medicine and aid.

Cholera should be a treatable disease, but the blockade by Saudi Arabia is preventing much needed medicine from entering the country. Destroying Yemen’s health facilities has also not helped.

So all this money being donated? While needed, it never should have been needed to begin with. It’s an illusion that Saudi Arabia has done no wrong here.