I feel like I am constantly writing about coffee. The story hasn’t actually changed much (keeps following the same person’s history), but this article has some additions that I’ll highlight below.

From Bloomberg:

Espresso + Hershey’s syrup = coffee equivalent of Fake News.

$240 per pound for chocolatey coffee beans from Mokha, Yemen = real mocha.

“Ninety percent of the world’s coffee can be traced to Yemen,” said Mokhtar Alkhanshali, who founded the company after building a career in the non-profit sector. “There are a few different organizations like the World Coffee Research Organization and the Coffee Quality Institute that have done studies on coffee genetics.” He says it’s where the words “mocha” and “Arabica” both found their roots.

Since April, Port of Mokha has also been roasting its own beans and selling them online. The flagship East Hayma Single Farmer Lot brews a surprisingly clear cup full of chocolate and peach flavors—it really does live up to the “mocha” reputation—and sells for $42 for four ounces. By the holidays, it will also be sold as part of a $158 sampler box, with four-ounce bags from each the three regions in Yemen that Alkhanshali works in.

More on the Port of Mokha sampler box.

At George Howell Coffee, both in stores and online, you can get Yemeni coffee for $60 per quarter pound starting next month.

The roaster who created the Frappuccino and co-founded the elite Cup of Excellence coffee grading program, said he used to source Yemeni coffee from one intrepid buyer until the 1980s, and then never saw it again. “The legend of Yemeni coffee being the most ancient, going back to the roots of coffee itself … it was unique. And sure, when you tried it, there was nothing like it,” he told Bloomberg.

Howell also says that that flavor of Port of Mokha’s coffees has a rare spice and floral subtle nuance taste. The coffee beans are all natural, having never been washed or processed before drying.

The high cost of the coffee beans ensures a high quality product.

Also, I found a video! 

“In search of the best coffee, sometimes you have to sacrifice some things.”