From Reuters:

Amgad Abdulrahman was killed by a gunman in an internet cafe in Aden on May 14. No group has taken responsibility, but some believe that he was killed by Islamist militants who are waging a campaign against secularists.

As the 22-year-old law student — a member of a cultural club set up by secularists — lay dying, the gunman waved his pistol threateningly before retreating outside. He then walked away without a word.

Before he was killed, last December Abdulrahman had been detained at a military base after being accused of being an atheist. More recently only a few weeks ago, his cultural club set up by secular students held a debate that he helped moderate on the topic “the conditions of Adeni woman” in recent generations.

Abdulrahman was not allowed to be buried in the city cemetery because, according to a friend, he was not Muslim.