Dr Ali Mahioub, MSF surgeon at Al-Salam hospital in Khamer, Amran governorate , tells us about a patient’s story:

“One day while I was checking my Facebook, I came across a post about a six-year-old child called Naser. He had an accident in which his body suffered from third degree burns. The person who posted about Naser was asking people to help and provide medicine for the child. As a doctor, I knew that medicine will not benefit him as the burns were deep. Only a skin graft surgery will end his suffering. I felt sorry for him and contacted our project coordinator right away to discuss the possibility of performing the operations for him here at the hospital where I am working. After I received permission, I contacted the family on the phone number that was provided in the Facebook post. I told the person who answered the phone that I am a surgeon working at Al-Salam Hospital in Khamer and that we could do skin graft operations for Naser. Finally, Naser arrived from Anss district, Dhamar to our hospital. When Naser and his mother arrived, we got to know that he had been suffering from the burns for three months already. Today, Naser is undergoing surgical treatment. We have done several operations for him to clean the wound as well as some skin graft operations. I am glad he is recovering now.

MSF has been working on AL-Salam Hospital in Khamer, Amran governorate since 2010. MSF teams provide emergency medical care and treat patients from Amran and the surrounding area.