The United Nations has tentatively agreed to cut nearly $600 million from its peacekeeping budget after pressure from President Trump’s White House to reduce funding. Under the agreement, the U.N. will spend $7.3 billion on peacekeeping in the next year, down from $7.87 billion, Agence France-Press reported Wednesday. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley cheered the agreement on Twitter late Wednesday.

Nikki Haley commented on Twitter as if this budget cut is a wonderful achievement.

The UN General Assembly will vote on the budget on Friday.

My 2 cents…. This budget is expected to be approved and maybe it will be because they feel it could be worse? Like the US pulling out along with all their funding? It will also be interesting to see exactly which peacekeeping programs will be affected by this. Step 1, America: Stop funding Saudi Arabia and stop sticking your nose into everyone’s wars.