Daily Prompt: Snack

For today’s prompt, I went to Youtube to see what kinds of videos I could find about Yemeni snacks. I’ve already posted about some so wanted something different. The video about a locust devouring something did not look appealing. Definitely not snack worthy! So I kept searching aaaaand found a video not about snacks? That kind of defeats the purpose of blogging specifically about a snack, but I still want to share this video because it’s a profile of a young Yemeni woman who lives in the capital Sana’a. She does mention her favorite food, so I guess that’s close enough to the snack theme.

But it’s also 7 years old. That’s well before the current war, so I wonder where she is or how she’s doing today.

The video is short and is from Deutsche Welle English. It offers a brief glimpse into Yemen. Take a look!