The leader of the UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has called for a halt in Saudi arms sales and also a ceasefire in Yemen. The war in Yemen started over 2 years ago and the UK has sold a told of $4.1 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia during that time.

Corbyn said: “We have constantly condemned the use of these weapons by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and called for the suspension of the arms sales to Saudi Arabia to show that we are wanting a peace process in Yemen, not an invasion by Saudi Arabia.

I’m totally shocked by the war in Yemen. Totally shocked, by the bombardment that’s taken place, by the killings that have happened, by the cholera outbreak that’s now rife. And the numbers who are affected, the numbers who have already died.”

Corbyn also said that the countries who commit human rights abuses should not receive arms from the UK and that the problems of forced disappearances and torture need to be investigated.