From Gulf News:

In a clear pro-UAE and Saudi-led coalition opinion piece, this article puts all the blame for Yemen’s current cholera epidemic on Houthi, allegedly backed by Iran. The article focuses not on what caused the outbreak, such as endless airstrikes on civilian areas controlled by the Houthi that created unsanitary conditions, but instead on how Houthi held areas make it difficult for people to access treatment for a disease that never should have happened in the first place.

Medical and aid workers can easily treat the disease, providing life-saving fluids and anti-bacterial drugs, but the difficulty in reaching isolated clusters and camps mean that thousands are at risk. And with a food supply tenuous and proper supplies of clean water proving to be inadequate, the disease takes hold in young bodies weakened by malnutrition.

But! You can make your opinion heard on this. THERE IS A POLL! At the end of the article, you can vote on whether or not you agree with the article.

Current stats:

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Honestly, that little colored cube thing is confusing.

So go to the article and let Gulf News know what you think.

How were the ports damaged? Saudi-led coalition airstrikes?

And what are you supposed to do with over half your health system not functioning because hospitals have been destroyed or damaged by Saudi-led airstrikes?

It’s like you’re trying to get to a forest fire to help put it out and someone is blocking the road. So you blame the people blocking the road, but who started the fire in the first place? YOU DID!