From Middle East Monitor:

Several fighters from forces loyal to Yemen’s ousted President Hadi were killed when the Saudi-backed military bases in Jabal Al-Hawl and Jabal Al-Qarn were attacked in northern Yemen.

Houthi fighters may now seek to strike Saudi-backed forces in the Nihm district, near the Marib province, which is located near Jabal Al-Hawl.

Also a couple days ago, a Saudi soldier was killed in clashes along Yemen’s border with Saudi Arabia.

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Yemeni tribesmen from the Popular Resistance Committees, supporting forces loyal to Yemen’s Saudi-backed President, gather during fighting against Shiite Huthi rebels and their allies on June 30, 2017 in the area of Sirwah, west of Marib city. Six soldiers were killed in Yemen on June 29, a military source said, as government forces seek to cement their control over Marib province, east of the rebel-held capital. / AFP PHOTO / ABDULLAH AL-QADRY (Photo credit should read ABDULLAH AL-QADRY/AFP/Getty Images)