From The National:

An Emirati businessman has left 1.5 billion dirhams (currency in the UAE), or about $400 million (1 dirham is about 27 cents), to Yemeni refugees living in Oman. It’s an anonymous donation and the money will be given in cash.

Oman does not publicly reveal the number of Yemeni refugees in the country, but government officials say there are about 2,500. Most of them came through the border in Oman’s southern region, Dhofar. The government has put them up in shelters in different parts of the country.

Refugees from Yemen are not allowed to work in Oman, but some try to do odd jobs to earn money to send to family while not getting caught by the labor inspectors. The Omani government has also treated the injuries of 1200 refugees and provides refugees with free housing and meals.