From Human Rights Watch:

Yemeni activists, journalists, lawyers, and rights defenders worry daily about arrest, slander campaigns, targeted violence, and joining the list of Yemen’s “disappeared.” This is especially so when they criticize one of the parties to the conflict, whose first response is often retaliation.

In Yemen’s capital Sana’a and other Houthi controlled areas, journalists have to worry about being detained, having their offices looted, and families threatened.

On the Hadi side, such as near Yemen’s southern port city Aden, have been beaten up, detained and forcibly disappeared. Human Rights Watch has documented 49 cases of abuse and tried to visit Aden, but access to Yemen is being restricted by the Saudi-led coalition.

More on the UAE -backed forced disappearances.

From the Wichita Eagle:

In yet another rally held on forced disappearances, Yemeni women held one near the UAE’s headquarters in Aden when female Yemeni security forces dispersed the gathering with beatings and forcibly removing veils. Two women were also detained.

The protesters — mothers and sisters of scores of detainees held without charges at undisclosed locations — chanted: “Oh coalition, where are our sons?”