From The Intercept:

In October of 2016, a Saudi-led coalition airstrike on a funeral killed over 130 people. According to figures from the US military, the US doubled the amount of fuel supplied by the US to coalition jets in the months following this airstrike.

But the House of Representatives just passed over the chance to vote on legislation that would have tracked the fuel the Pentagon gives to the Saudi coalition and prohibited refueling of coalition aircraft unless the Pentagon could assure Congress that subsequent missions wouldn’t hit civilians or targets contained on no-strike lists.

Democratic Congressman Ro Khanna of California received bipartisan support for her amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act, but it failed last night to pass the House Rules Committee. According to the congressman, this amendment would have required a report to Congress about how many flights are refueled, their location, and verification that they were not involved in civilian deaths.

“I am disappointed that the House will not vote on amendments that would enforce greater oversight of U.S. operations in Yemen,” said Khanna. “Congress is doing a disservice in not acknowledging the civilian impact of our military operations in the Middle East. We must instill measures to prevent further atrocities in Yemen.”

Though not as detailed, Congressman Ted Lieu’s amendment did pass the House Rules Committee and will go on to a vote. The amendment requests information on US military support and would require the State Department and Pentagon to report any actions by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen.