Who likes pizza? Most Americans do. Come for the pizza, stay for the current news of what is happening in Yemen! Maybe this Yemeni man can win over everyone’s hearts with the abundance of cheese he keeps adding to his skillet. This post shall be strictly about Yemeni pizza, though maybe it’ll inspire travelers and foodies who might be reading this to find out what else is happening around our planet.

So where can you find this magical pizza place? In Israel.


A video of the pizza making in action:

How is it made? The dough is lahuh, a spongy pancake type bread from Yemen. Here’s an example of a recipe, though according to people on the TripAdvisor forums, that’s not exactly how the Pizza Maker makes it.

I do not know his name, so I’m just going with Pizza Maker.

Anyway! As for toppings he uses A WHOLE LOT OF CHEESE, olive oil, tomatoes that are chopped up with a pretty fancy knife, hot sauce, herbs and spices, and an egg.

If you’re traveling to Israel, here is TripAdvisor’s info page.

Tasty meal similar to a crepe, refreshing iced coffee with spices, interesting and inviting decor make this worth a quick visit. The chef was a real character – worth asking him about his family history.


A bit hard to find but really worth the effort. The chef was a complete original. He takes what appears to be a large flat bread and managing 4 fry pans at a time makes a delicious mixture which is rolled up and sliced with a side salad with different things on it and olives. Ambience welcoming. We sat inside to be cooler but there are chairs and tables outside. Lots of artists in the lane and a clean communal washroom close by.
We would return in a minute.


On the main street of the old town. They only serve one thing! When a place survives and thrives like that – that one thing must be very good. It’s more of a big snack than a full meal. It’s like a crepe/calzone/burrito/bruschetta. I’m not doing it justice. Go here. Cool guy working the shop too! Good coffee too.

The Pizza Maker’s philosophy of life: