Daily Prompt: Tea

I think I HAVE to write about this prompt today. Tea is one of my most favorite things on this earth. I drink it everyday. Right now, actually! And I, no joke, have at least two dozen kinds in the kitchen cabinet.

So for this post, my tea loving self is featuring a few tea traditions from around the world along with a somewhat current news snippet. So sit back, enjoy the tea, and read what’s happening around the world. By some miracle, all these news stories are from the past month and mention tea.

Off we go!


Since this is a Yemen themed blog I want to first share how you can make a Yemeni tea. This particular one is a far cry from this mug of tea I whipped up just now, which is basically a black Lipton teabag with two sugar cubes in my Starbucks travel mug. I guess I’m representing America in this post.


New York Times Cholera Spreads as War and Poverty Batter Yemen

Sorry about the abrupt change in mood, but this is important, and the story really does mention tea.

“The average person lives on tea and bread. It’s just one meal a day,” said Jamie McGoldrick, the United Nations humanitarian coordinator for Yemen. “They are in a weakened state, and that is why they are getting sick.”


Let me just preface this video by saying…. Never, never, and I mean neevveerrrr let me pour tea into a teacup’s saucer. That’s asking for trouble. I would spill it. I would drop it. Burn myself. Complete disaster.

Also, how cool is the samovar? No other country drinks tea like this.

FoodBev Media Russian brand recreates famous faces in tea for new pack design

You guuuyyyys, this is Celebri-tea (ha) and it’s pretty cool.

A new brand of tea has been launched in Russia that uses tea leaves to recreate the images of famous people at the centre of each pack.

Famous Tea is available in flavours including mint, lemon, clove and strawberry. Each flavour is associated with a different celebrity – complete with a tea-based pun and a rendering of the person’s face made out of tea leaves and fruit.



Where tea has become quite popular and people drink 27 liters a year on average (as of 2014). The video takes you on a visit to a tea shop in Hamburg.

Tampa Bay Times Discovering the true meaning of Black Forest cake in the German region itself

Recipes for Black Forest cake and Black Forest TEA. Teeeaaaaaa. Huh. Oh, and discovering the true meaning of Black Forest cake.

While doing some research for a trip I was taking to the region in Germany, I stumbled across a recipe for Black Forest iced tea — black tea pressed with cocoa powder and cinnamon, finished with black cherry juice and cream. I thought it would make a kitschy addition to a brunch spread I was putting together.

Now, thinking back to that day in January, I cringe a little bit.

Not because the tea was bad. But I know now that it was not a sufficient representation of the renowned chocolate-and-cherry combination.

That’s it for my world news tea journey. I know there are a ton of other big tea drinking countries (hello Japan, India, UK, etc), but I am tired and my mug is almost empty sooooooo good night and happy tea drinking, all!

PS: New daily prompt tomorrow and all, but I might continue this tomorrow anyway with some other countries because TEA.