From Middle East Eye:

Norwegian Refugee Council said the coalition’s blockade of the airport was causing more deaths than its air strikes on the rebels.

“10,000 Yemenis have now died from health conditions for which they were seeking medical treatment abroad,” the aid agency said, citing figures from the rebels’ health ministry.

“The number exceeds the alarming death toll of close to 9,000 people killed in violent attacks.”

The Saudi-led coalition has called on the United Nations to run the airport, which had been closed, in Sana’a. The coalition had been blocking flights in and out of the airport in an effort to prevent arms transfers to the Houthi rebels. Aid groups have been calling on the coalition to reopen the airport so that humanitarian aid can get in.

In a statement titled “Official Coalition Spokesman Asks UN to Run Sana’a International Airport” Spokesman Colonel Turki al-Malki said the alliance could allow Sanaa flights to resume.

“Should airport management and security be conducted properly, ensuring the safety of all inbound flights and stopping arms smuggling, Joint Forces Command is prepared to restore normal flight activity,” he said.