From Yahoo News:

Only yesterday, the Saudi-led coalition called on the United Nations to run the airport in Yemen’s capital city Sana’a. The airport has been closed by the coalition since it is in Houthi rebel territory and there were worries of the Houthi using it to smuggle weapons, but instead it has been making it difficult for civilians to have access to healthcare and humanitarian aid.

But today, the UN rejected the proposal for them to run this airport and has said that they are not responsible.

“(The airport) is not under U.N. control,” Dujarric told reporters. “The parties to the conflict have the responsibility to ensure the protection of civilians and their access to humanitarian relief, including through the use of airspace and airport.”

The Houthis control most of the north while the Saudi-led coalition controls the airspace. Any reopening would need an agreement between the two sides, which blame each other for Yemen’s humanitarian disaster – one of the world’s worst.

In the over two years of war, more civilians in Yemen have died from health problems, such as hunger and disease than have died from violence.

This is an update from yesterday’s news: Saudi-led coalition calls on UN to run Yemen airport in Sanaa