Daily Prompt: Continue

Yemen cannot continue like this. A 76 year old man, humanitarian, and founder of the humanitarian organization Yemen Red Crescent, died because he could not leave the country to receive better healthcare. Saudi Arabia controls Yemen’s airspace and has a blockade on the airports. The care and surgeries he received were not enough and he couldn’t leave for something better to save him.

The former head of the Yemeni doctors’ union spent two weeks in hospital, mostly in intensive care, as doctors struggled to find stents, expandable splints used for narrow arteries, his son Zubair Alkhamesi told The Guardian.

Doctors eventually operated after buying the supplies for an inflated price but when his health deteriorated he was unable to get the necessary medical treatment abroad.

“He got the stents but he didn’t get better, since then he deteriorated and there was no way to get him out to Cairo, or Amman, the queue was very long,” his son, who is now based in the UK, said.

This is a horrible example of what many other people face. He was not the only man who had an illness or injury that could be treated elsewhere yet couldn’t leave. Yemen needs their airports. According to the article from The Independent, Saudi Arabia’s blockade on Yemen is responsible for around 20,000 people being denied access to healthcare abroad that could save their lives.

And on top of that, vocal activists and journalists have been kidnapped with no word of their whereabouts, why they were taken exactly, or how they are doing. One of these people, Hisham Al Omeisy, has been gone for 20 days now. We need these people to be able to raise awareness on what’s happening in their country.

His Twitter feed, which is full of useful information and tidbits about his life and kids from before he was taken: