Here is today’s splendid news on Yemen.

Along with weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, the US also assists the coalition with refueling missions. US tankers refuel the Saudi planes which then go on to drop possibly made-in-America bombs on Yemen. 3,200 civilians have been killed in Yemen, their schools destroyed, and their hospitals destroyed… by bombs that the US may have provided and by jets the US may have helped refuel.

To make matters worse, CENTCOM has admitted that it does not know how much fuel it has provided to these Saudi planes.

Responding to questions from The Intercept, CENTCOM now says that it lumps together refueling data for the coalition with data for U.S. planes in the area, joint U.S.-Emirati missions, and possibly other operations. Even this pooled data has unexplained discrepancies.

In other words: The U.S. military says it doesn’t know how much of its own fuel goes to an indefinite number of operations.

The data on refueling includes any aircraft in the area, including US planes, around the Horn of Africa.

For instance, The Intercept was originally told that the U.S. offloaded 4.039 million pounds of fuel to the Saudi coalition in March. This month, the Air Force gave a March figure of 3.452 million pounds “for ALL refueling operations conducted in the Horn of Africa, to include but not limited to Saudi-led operations in Yemen, U.S. missions in that area, and Emirate operations against [Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula] targets.” How the admission of a wider net of operations could yield a smaller amount of fuel offloaded is unclear.