Daily Prompt: Mighty

Here is a lovely story about such a mighty feat. Osman al-Hadi has become Yemen’s very first citizen to climb Mount Everest and reach the summit!

Yemeni activist and founder of the Yemen Reborn initiative Osman al-Hadi took on the challenge of climbing Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world to shed light on the humanitarian situation in Yemen and call for peace in his country.

He raised the Yemeni flag and with rocks wrote the word “Yemen” on one of the Himalayan foothills, using large enough rocks to be seen from an airplane.

His trip took 15 days, in which he needed nine months of intensive training to prepare for.

“History has proven that all wars end in peace, but they leave behind many tragedies and unending crises, the people that control reason and logic. The principles of coexistence and overcome all and we can soon avoid the cost of war, peace and security, and focus on development and prosperity,” al-Hadi said.

“From the roof of the world: I appeal to all the Yemeni parties to resort to dialogue in order to establish peace and give priority to reconciliation and coexistence. I also appeal to Yemeni youth to persevere, continue education, work and creativity in order to promote their country and their future, no matter what the reality and circumstances.”

The New Arab

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Peak of Mount Everest Above Clouds in Tibet.