From BBC News: Saudi women rejoice at end of driving ban

In Saudi Arabia many women are celebrating following a royal decree from King Salman allowing them to drive for the first time. The law will be changed by June next year, ending Saudi Arabia’s status as the only country to ban women drivers on the roads. Frank Gardner reports.

The ban on women driving had been pushed more by religious clerics than the government. They believed that allowing women to drive would lead to a breakdown in social morals.

From Al Jazeera: Saudi women were fighting for the right to drive since 1990

Rights groups are welcoming a decree by the king of Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive beginning from June 2018. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are forbidden from driving, and critics say the driving ban is only a small part of the discrimination women face in the kingdom. Al Jazeera’s Bernard Smith reports.

Saudi Arabia’s UN ambassador: “A royal decree has been issued in Saudi Arabia giving women the right to drive. This is a historic day in Saudi society for men and women and we can now say at last.”

Not only will women be allowed to drive, they will also be allowed to drive alone. Saudi Arabia is a male guardianship society and typically women need approval from a male in many aspects of their lives.