From Xinhua News:

The death toll of Yemen’s cholera outbreak has risen to 2,151 with 800,626 reported cases. The outbreak began in April of this year and has affected 22 of Yemen’s 23 governorates.

Most of the deaths were reported from the northern province of Hajjah, while most of the infected cases were reported from the northwestern port province of Hodeidah on the coast of the Red Sea, both under control of Shiite Houthi rebels.

Last week, the International Committee of the Red Cross expected the epidemic to hit one million by the end of the year.

About 15 million people do not have access to clean water or basic healthcare.

From Voice of America News:

The World Health Organization is sending 900,000 doses of cholera vaccine to Bangladesh to help prevent a major outbreak of cholera. On Oct. 3, the WHO said it could have acted faster to fight a massive, deadly cholera epidemic in Yemen. The announcements came after the agency announced a plan to end cholera in the near future. More from VOA’s Carol Pearson.