From Gulf News:

The Houthi rebels are to blame for teacher salaries going unpaid. Teachers in Yemen’s capital Sana’a went on strike and classrooms in a country where children already struggle to go to school remained closed.

Schools in the capital Sana’a and across northern Yemen were forced to delay the September 30 start of the scholastic year by two weeks after the rebels failed to pay teachers’ salaries.

In government-held parts of Yemen, however, most schools this year opened as scheduled on October 1.

Al Houthi-controlled areas became unable to pay the salaries after the internationally-recognised president Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi was forced to move the central bank to Aden in August.

UNICEF estimates 13,146 schools, or 78 per cent of all of Yemen’s schools, have been hit by the salary crunch, many of them unable to open for the first day of school.

Nearly 500 schools have been destroyed by the conflict, repurposed as shelters or commandeered by armed factions in a war that has killed thousands and pushed the country to the brink of famine.