From TRT World:

Staying in Yemen – and the continued closure of the international airport in Sanaa is having a huge impact on civilians. A Saudi led no fly zone over the airport has meant people who are sick and in need of medical treatment or simply desperate to leave the country, cannot. TRT World’s Nick Davies-Jones has more.

“It’s been one year since Sana’a airport was closed for business. In the run-up to the closure, Saudi fighter jets targeted planes on the tarmac. Not much has changed. A mangled air frame rusting in the elements is about as close as Yemenis now get to flying away from the war-ravaged country. Empty terminal halls add to the decline of a once busy airport. Patients die because they cannot leave the country.”

More than 95,000 patients need to travel abroad, but cannot leave. 50,000 Yemeni citizens are stuck abroad, but cannot return home.

815,000 people in Yemen have been diagnosed with cholera.

Businesses have been affected as well. Yemen’s GDP has fallen from 43 billion in 2014 to 27 billion in two years because with the airport closed, it is difficult to import and export products.