Daily Prompt: Enlighten

I have made an enlightening discover today. I had left a comment on someone else’s blog a couple weeks ago because when someone comments on mine, I like to check theirs out and reply to a post. Well it turns out this is a bad idea. Did you know that when you comment on someone else’s WordPress blog, THEY CAN EDIT your comment, but you yourself cannot? And you can’t delete it either? I did not know this. A comment I made about a ridiculous gossipy post on a Twitter user who isn’t my favorite simply because they Tweet Infowars has been edited with completely new words that I did not say, including calling this Twitter user trash. The real trash is the person who edited my comment to this. Sooooo I am quite upset, and quite freaked out. I’m afraid to comment now. Who know what my comments can turn into? Harassment, threats, racism, bullying… YIKES!

And like…. I want absolutely nothing to do with this blog user if they’re nuts enough to redo a comment on their blog to make a person look bad. I don’t want to comment to them about this. I just want what looks like my comment gone.

The funny thing is, I never would’ve know had they not liked this comment that is actually their comment now. I wouldn’t have even seen that they changed it!

So I’ve read the Terms and Conditions and reported the blog in question. I can’t believe WordPress allows this. I mean, fake screenshot Tweets make the rounds all the time, but they’re easy enough to debunk because you look to the source. Well, my original source has been edited. It would be like replying to someone on Twitter and the person you reply to has the power to edit your reply, but then you can’t edit it and you can’t delete it. Well then!

Very enlightening, WordPress. Very enlightening. I think I’m going to take a break from updating for a bit. Support forum says there is nothing they can do. I am tired. I am upset. I am creeped out.

Peeps of WordPress, be very careful where you comment. You never know what your words will be changed to. Shared, ok. Deleted, ok. Quoted, ok. Completely changed in the original spot, not ok.

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