From BBC News:

The shock resignation of the Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri plunged the country into crisis last weekend. With the ground war against Islamic State coming to end, the long simmering rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran threatens to boil over. Saudi Arabia has told its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately.

Tensions are once again ratcheting up across the Middle East. But for now, Lebanon is taking center stage, a country where proxy wars were fought before. Lebanon was stunned by the resignation of its prime minister. Many see it as a Saudi move designed to weaken Iran’s influence here.

Hasan Ileik: “The Americans, the Saudis, and the Israelis are all trying to prevent Hezbollah from maximizing its games from the wars in Syria and Iraq. Hezbollah and its allies have achieved enormous success, but they’re now facing huge pressure because of this.”

Today Lebanon is divided by the regional struggle and the country is seen as a pawn by the bigger players.

Maha Yahya: “In the last few decades we’ve never been so close to the precipice. In many ways the threat of regional war has never been this real where it’s a conflict that would involve a variety of different countries.”