This probably doesn’t qualify as a documentary, but I’m filing it under that category anyway since it’s a longer video than a brief news report. I’ve included some of the dialogue below with the video at the end.

From the Ron Paul Liberty Report (18 minutes):

Today the Saudi government ordered all Saudis out of Lebanon, as “resigned” Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri is said to be under house arrest in Saudi Arabia. Simultaneously, the Saudi Crown Prince is increasing pressure against Iran, blaming the country for supplying a missile to Yemen that targeted the airport in Riyadh. War coming?

Ron Paul: “But then the military stuff is bad. We’ve been partners with Saudi Arabia for a long long time, both in the oil business and the dollar rigging and now in fighting Yemen. Right now things are just a total disaster in Yemen. Now they want to go to the UN and get more sanctions against Iran and also in Yemen. And right now it is said that there’s probably 7 million Yemenis that are on the verge of starvation and they’re going to the UN to put on more sanctions and close down more ports and everything and try to starve the people to death thinking that’s going to change the leadership. At the same time, we don’t have much respect for the United Nations, but every once in a while they make an effort and pretend that they care about the refugees. Feed the refugees and go for peace and have ceasefires. But you’d think they would have some concern, but I haven’t been able to find any information to say they’ve really tried to help these people who are suffering and dying at the hands of this war that Saudi Arabia and the United States is waging against them. So to me it is an awful mess and Saudi Arabia has now announced get out of Lebanon. Which means that they line up the money, they get the UN behind them, I’m sure Israel knows exactly what’s going on here. Who knows what’s going to happen, but it doesn’t look like things are getting any better. It doesn’t look like peace is coming soon.”

Daniel McAdams: “And of course you have this bizarre situation where the Lebanese prime minister was in Saudi Arabia and resigned from Saudi Arabia. Now they’re saying they won’t let him leave. So here he is, he’s stuck in Saudi Arabia and also President Hadi from Yemen is also being held under house arrest. So what on earth is going on in the House of Saud? They’re attacking their own family, they’re holding foreign leaders hostage, they seem to be going haywire.”

Ron Paul: “This new missile that supposedly Saudi shot down, even in the UN report and Nikki Haley’s report, they don’t even say it is Iranian. They say it may be. They’re willing to go to this extent of setting the stage here for strong military action against the government of Lebanon and Hezbollah, of course. And they don’t even claim that they know who made the missile, but they probably don’t really care. The whole thing is exaggerated because the war wasn’t started by the Houthis. They didn’t go out and say let’s have war, let’s take on Saudi Arabia and America and Israel. That really wouldn’t have ever been their decision.”

Daniel McAdams: “It’s a classic neocon game. The UN report says may have come from Iran. And then what does Nikki Haley, our ambassador to the UN, do? She goes down and she delivers a statement assuming that it is from Iran. So they make that logical leap just like 2002, 2003 with Iraq. Basically she’s lying. A report from IHS Jane’s, which is one of the world’s experts on weapons and weaponry, essentially they’re saying that the missile fired, a new type of warhead, locally fabricated. Iran and North Korea have made these kinds of modifications of scuds, but none of those match what was fired by the Yemenis. This is a homegrown missile from Yemen. Of course truth does not matter much when you’re pushing for war. Nikki Haley only has one speed: fast forward. She refuses to step back and she’s misleading us into war. There’s no question about it.”

Ron Paul: “Unfortunately there’s not much resistance in the Congress. I don’t even know if they’re thinking about it. This is a neocon foreign policy that we’re dealing with in the Middle East and it looks like in the crosshairs will be continued to be aimed at Yemen. But it’s also getting much more dangerous for anybody in Lebanon.”

Daniel McAdams: “They’re essentially attacking Iran on two fronts. On the Yemen front and the Lebanon front to try to ratchet it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some kind of palace coup against this king. Why wouldn’t Iran be allowed to provide weaponry? Yemen was invaded, it didn’t invade Saudi Arabia. The Saudis came in in 2015, invaded the country starving all of its people to death. Why wouldn’t Iran be allowed to provide its allies defensive weapons against the Saudi invasion?”

Ron Paul: “Why do we feel obligated to confront people and pretend that we own the world? Eventually that’s going to backfire on us. All empires end badly and this one will too.”