From BBC News:

The Saudi-led coalition blocked all land, sea, and air entry points on November 6th after the Houthi rebels fired a missile at Riyadh Airport in Saudi Arabia. Today, humanitarian aid flights were finally allowed to land at Sana’a Airport. Ships were also allowed to dock at ports in Saleef and Hodeidah.

Planes carrying medical supplies were allowed to land in the capital, Sanaa, on Saturday but this is the first shipment of food aid to be let in.

The UN ship, loaded with thousands of tonnes of desperately-needed wheat, has arrived at the port of Saleef.

It is carrying enough food to feed 1.8m people in northern Yemen for a month, World Food Programme country director Stephen Anderson told the BBC.

He said the ship had been forced to “hover off the coast” for two weeks waiting for permission to enter.

A commercial ship carrying 5,500 tonnes of wheat flour earlier docked at the key port of Hudaydah, south of Saleef and also controlled by the Houthi rebels.

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WFP aid plane lands the Sana’a International Airport after reopen the airport by the Saudi-led coalition to receive aid flights, in Sanaa, Yemen. on November 25, 2017 in Sana’a, Yemen. The White House welcomed Friday the announcement from Saudi Arabia and the Saudi-led coalition that it is reopening Hudaydah port and Sanaa International Airport to allow the urgent flow of humanitarian aid to the people of Yemen. (Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Getty Images)

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A technician unloads doses of vaccines from a plane after it landed in the rebel-held Yemeni capital Sanaa on November 25, 2017. The UN humanitarian affairs office had said that it had been given clearance by the Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting the rebels since 2015 to resume flights into Sanaa. / AFP PHOTO / MOHAMMED HUWAIS (Photo credit should read MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP/Getty Images)