From Xinhua News:

A car bomb explosion in Yemen’s southern city Aden has left 5 people dead and 15 others injured. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Islamic State branch of Yemen claimed the attack by releasing a statement via its propaganda agency Amaq just hours after it rocked the city of Aden.

Earlier in the day, security officials based in Aden told Xinhua that unknown militants detonated a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (SVBIED) and targeted the Ministry of Finance building in KhorMaksar district of Aden.

Residents told Xinhua that the blast was so powerful and sent a large plume of smoke up over the area in addition to causing partial damages to some nearby residential buildings.

According to observers the suicide attacks and the repeated drive-by shootings in Aden point at a spectacular intelligence failure and spotlights how terrorists have managed to move and launch attacks despite the heavy presence of the Yemeni troops backed by the United Arab Emirates.

The southern port city of Aden is considered as Yemen’s temporary capital and the Saudi-backed Yemeni government based itself there since 2015.

The Islamic State is also responsible for two other suicide bomb attacks in Aden this month.

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Yemenis inspect the site of a suicide bombing that targeted the finance ministry building of the Saudi-backed Yemeni government in the country’s second city of Aden on November 29, 2017. In a statement on its Amaq propaganda arm, IS claimed the ‘detonation of a parked explosive-laden vehicle’ outside the ministry building in the southern port city of Aden, which serves as the headquarters of the Yemeni government. Despite a Saudi-led military intervention launched in March 2015, the capital Sanaa and much of north of the country remain in the hands of Shiite rebels. / AFP PHOTO / NABIL HASSAN (Photo credit should read NABIL HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images)