Daily Prompt: Jolly

Shopping this time of year is often a jolly affair, but not the case in Yemen where it’s dangerous to go shopping. This isn’t the only time a market was hit by an airstrike.

From Business Standard:

Dozens were injured and at least 6 killed in Saudi-led airstrikes on two markets in Yemen’s capital Sana’a.

One of the targets, Khalakah market, is located in Nehm district, about 30 km northeast of the rebel-controlled capital Sanaa, where the airstrikes killed at least five people, injuring dozens of other shoppers, and burned three cars, according to a medic in Nehm district, Xinhua news agency reported.

The medic told Xinhua by phone that the injured were more than 20. Residents said the market was very crowded at noon when the airstrikes hit.

The other targeted market is located in Zabid district south of the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah, where one person was killed and more than 15 others injured, according to a provincial medic there, who also said the airstrikes took place at noon.

Many shops were destroyed in the attacks, the medic added.