Report from Al Jazeera:

Mark Lowcock (UN Humanitarian Affairs Chief): “The population of the country looks like the apocalypse. We need to scale up our response. The cholera outbreak is probably the worst the world has ever seen with a million suspected cases at the end of 2017. This terrible new epidemic of diphtheria, a bacterial disease, which should be completely preventable by immunization has already affected up to 500 people with dozens and dozens of deaths in the last few weeks. That is going to spread like wildfire.”

Reboua Maghrebi (Internally Displaced Person): “Our life has turned upside down. We had to escape the war. We can’t afford a decent meal. We’re now begging to eat and feed our children. We’re living in the streets on charity.”

Stefanie Dekker (Al Jazeera): “Some basic supplies are getting through, blanket to keep warm. It is winter now and temperatures drop at night and a fire offers little comfort. These people face an uncertain future with no idea when they can go back home. What will be left of it once they do?”