And now for something completely different.

This is really interesting!

A photographer in Berlin, Igor Dobrowolski, created posters using a mash-up of photographs from Yemen and Christmas. He put them up around the streets of Berlin in December.

So what prompted Igor to do this? He told that the motivation was the ‘suffering of innocent people’ and the desire to ‘show this forgotten horror which benefits mostly western governments who sell military equipment to target civilians’.

According to charity UNICEF, one child dies every ten minutes in Yemen and at least 4,600 civilians have been killed during the conflict. Amnesty International found that since March 2015, the US and UK have transferred more than $5 million US dollars’ worth of arms to Saudi Arabia. And as these photos show, it’s Yemenis that are bearing the brunt of the arm supplies. Igor says he hopes the pictures will ‘induce empathy in ordinary people’.

Screenshot 2018-01-19 at 4.43.30 PM
This one is my favorite. It shows a scene of what many people are used to seeing in their houses during the holiday season – a Christmas tree in their home with presents underneath – vs. a home destroyed.

The following video is a slideshow of his posters.