From the Financial Tribune:

Activists including those from the groups Stop the War coalition, the Campaign Against Arms Trade, and the Arab Human Rights Organization are calling on Theresa May to cancel Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s invitation to visit the UK in a few weeks. In a letter published by the activists, they accused the Saudis of directing the war on Yemen and worsening the country’s humanitarian crisis.

Stephen Bell, one of the activists leading the campaign to stop the visit, told Al Jazeera the UK should not “lay out the red carpet” for Mohammed Bin Salman, who is known as MBS.

Up to 11 million Yemeni children are at risk either from the war or cholera, famine caused by the blockade of the country and the destruction of infrastructure,” he said.

“All this means it’s not suitable to invite someone who holds prime responsibility for the continuation of the war.”

Video from Press TV, which got the raw footage from Ruptly, of Friday’s protest.

“What’s happening in Yemen is a disgrace and we do not believe Mohammed Bin Salman should be welcome here. Theresa May is trying to suck up to the Saudi regime in order to secure more arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Since the beginning of the bombing in Yemen, 4.6 billion pounds of arms sales have been secured. This is completely unacceptable and is causing the continued devastation in Yemen.”