A Yemeni filmmaker gave a camera to three children so they could tell the story of Yemen’s war through their eyes. The filmmaker’s documentary featuring this footage aired in France on France 2 at 9pm on February 8th.

This video is like a preview interview with the filmmaker, Khadija Al-Salami. She chose this topic for her documentary because she is from Sana’a and the war is very close to her family. The video is in French so here is a short summary.

The documentary is told like a story through the view of three children, or little war reporters. They talk about the war and also interview other children.

This filmmaker had a lot of problems getting into Yemen to make her film because Saudi Arabia had bombed all the airports. She says that they maybe allowed one flight per month and she had to send a copy of her passport to the Saudi authorities in order to obtain permission to travel. It’s up to the Saudis who enters and exits Yemen. She eventually got on a humanitarian flight thanks to a delegation from the EU.

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When she arrived, she saw a boy (maybe 11 years old) sitting in a window and shooting up at the sky towards Saudi planes. Once she saw this, she wanted children to tell their stories.
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There are bombings everyday. A Yemeni rapper speaks of Yemen as being like a body affected by cancer.

All of the people featured in the documentary she found by chance. Despite everything, people have an energy and continue to live their lives and want to get out.

The man giving the interview mentions that Yemen is one of the most beautiful countries in the region. Many of Yemen’s historical and archaeological sites have been destroyed or damaged in the war.

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In a 2-minute preview of the special, we see an injured boy in the hospital. His home was bombed. His arm was broken and he has had 13 operations, but his brother was killed.
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This girl’s leg was hurt and nine other children were killed when a grenade exploded while they were playing. She also lost a couple of her finger tips. The boy at the end of the video was hurt on his way to school. He’s now afraid of airplanes.