Daily Prompt: Radiant

I was browsing Getty Images, like always, when I came across a series of photos from the fire at a humanitarian aid facility the other day. In one of the photos, you can see a rainbow as firefighters try to put out the flames. It’s odd to see such a thing of beauty in such an awful situation.

Embed from Getty Images

A Yemeni firefighter extinguishes fire at the United Nations’ World Food Programme’s (WFP) warehouse in the coastal town of Hodeida on March 31, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / ABDO HYDER (Photo credit should read ABDO HYDER/AFP/Getty Images)

Four warehouses used by the WFP caught fire along with around 50 tons of food stuffs, fuel, and mattresses. Yemen receives a lot of aid through this port. Around 3/4 of the population needs relief assistance. (NHK World) And yet, a rainbow shines as it all goes up in flames.