From Sudan Tribune:

Legislators last week in Sudan called for Sudanese troops to be removed from Yemen. One criticism is that other members of the Saudi-led coalition have not sent troops to Yemen like Sudan has. Another is that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have provided financial support to other countries, but not to Sudan.

The Minister of State for Defence Ali Mohamed Salim recently commented behind a closed door meeting with parliament that he supports having Sudanese troops in Yemen.

“The participation of the (Sudanese) armed forces in the war in Yemen is normal and this is not the first time that the Sudanese forces participate in a war outside the country,” Salim stated.

Last October, President Omer al-Bashir thanked Saudi Arabia and UAE for their strong support to the lift of 20-year U.S. economic embargo. The two countries vowed to continue supporting Sudan removal from the list of countries supporting terrorism.