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A Yemeni man, injured in an air raid on a wedding party in Yemen, receives treatment at a hospital in Yemen’s Hajjah province on April 23, 2018. – Dozens were killed and wounded in an air raid on a wedding party in Yemen, local officials said Monday, with Huthi rebels blaming a Saudi-led military coalition. (Photo by ESSA AHMED / AFP) (Photo credit should read ESSA AHMED/AFP/Getty Images)

From CNN:

Saleh al-Sammad, who served as acting president in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen and was also the head of the Houthi’s Supreme Political Council, was killed last week in a Saudi-led coalition airstrike. This news was announced by Houthi-run media outlets Al-Masirah TV and the Yemen News Agency on Monday.

The council declared three days of mourning for Sammad’s death and selected Mahdi Mohammed Mashat as its head.

33 people were killed and another 41 injured in other airstrikes on a wedding party Sunday night in northwestern Yemen.

Two missiles hit the celebration in the town of Hajja several minutes apart, eyewitnesses and officials told CNN. At least 17 women and children were killed in the strikes, according to official sources.

Yemen’s Houthi officials say the strikes first hit the men’s gathering of the wedding before hitting the women’s section nearby.

“Due to many casualties from the coalition-led wedding attacks, field hospitals were made near the site of the attacks giving injured civilians medical treatment in order to save lives,” said a spokesperson for the Houthi-held Health Ministry, Abdul Hakim Alkhulani.

“Tens have been killed and the final toll for victims is still not clear. The United Nations have proven that it has no influence to force coalition forces to end massacres against civilians,” Alkhulani added.

In retaliation for the strikes, the Houthi rebels fired two missiles at a Saudi oil port, a senior official at the Houthi-controlled defense ministry told CNN.

The missiles were intercepted over Jazan, a coastal city in southern Saudi Arabia, around 4:26 p.m. (9:26 a.m. ET), coalition spokesman Colonel Turki al Maliki told CNN


This young boy refuses to let go of his father who was killed in the airstrike.

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