From ReliefWeb:

The UN’s International Organization for Migration is helping Socotra island’s relief efforts after Cyclone Mekunu, which struck the island on May 23rd. Fishing boats and nets and even farmland were washed away by the cyclone along with damaging medical facilities and water systems. 1000 families were also reported to have been displaced due to damaged to their homes.

Not only the Socotra main island, but also the other two islands that are part of the archipelago, Abd Al Quri and Samhah, are in unknown condition because of lack of communication after the storm. Around 2,500 families live on those two islands.

The UN has sent 15 metric tons of World Food Programme emergency food supplies. Two more rotations are scheduled soon, to bring in UNICEF WASH supplies, and UNHCR/IOM shelter and aid kits.

As an immediate response, IOM is assisting with shelter materials for nearly 3,000 people.

“The affected populations have been forced to leave their homes or places of residence because of the destruction of their houses and shelter. IOM is providing shelter kits which will provide necessary measures to reduce the number of persons who might become internally displaced as a result of this disaster,” said Hazim Torlic, IOM Yemen Officer in Charge.

The red marker on the following map is the location of Abd Al Quri (or Abd Al Kuri).


Here is an older video from 2014 taken from areas around Abd Al Quri Island…