From NPR:

I really like to try putting news stories into my own words and summarize it with a few quoted bits, but NPR really nailed it with the words this time. I cannot change these. This is a perfect description.

A Saudi-led airstrike blasted off the roof and pulverized walls of a cholera treatment center in Yemen, but no one was hurt, according to an international aid group, even as civil war has led to widespread outbreaks of the disease.

This was a newly constructed Doctors Without Borders (MSF) health center that had not yet begun receiving cholera patients. MSF has said that the building had clear healthcare building identification markings and that the coalition had been notified of its location.

The US helps the Saudi-led coalition by providing targeting information and also mid-air refueling of jets.

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Yemeni men inspect the damage caused by a Saudi-led air strike on a cholera treatment centrer supported by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in the Abs region of Yemen on June 11, 2018. – MSF said it has temporarily frozen operations in the rebel-held area of northwestern Yemen following the air strike which caused no casualties. (Photo by ESSA AHMED / AFP) (Photo credit should read ESSA AHMED/AFP/Getty Images)